Chlorella or Spirulina? Let microalgae dietitians tell you!

Posted on 2011/10/11. Filed under: FEBICO Nutraceuticals |

Nowadays people have little time to eat and turn to fast food for conveniences. A lot more people suffer from irregular sleeping schedule and never have the right energy for exercise. Any person who eats unhealthy, not exercising, nor sleeping well will become unhealthy.

In fact, It is mostly due to daily intense pressure undermines our willingness to pursue for a healthy mind and body. Gradually we are not giving our body a holistic nutrient so we are losing our ability to cope against the stress, resulted in getting sick easily from aggregated anxiety.

Superfood is a nutrient dense food with various health promoting properties.  Some are packed with nutrition, other superfoods have special properties that make them highly beneficial for certain purposes.  Basically, a superfood can provide you with more essential nutrients with synergistic benefits than eating 6 basic nutrient food alone.

Dietitian who specialize in microalgae nutrition recommends taking spirulina in the morning and chlorella in the evening for the following reasons:

  1. Spirulina in the morning can replenish your body’s need of vitamin B group, enabling you to have an energetic day.
  2. Spirulina in the morning can stabilize your mood by supplying enough nutrients, enabling you to have a smooth day at work.
  3. Spirulina in the morning can replenish B12, which helps you stay in top form, beautiful skin and excellent energy.
  4. Taking chlorella in the evening, the rich dietary fibers can assist with your digestionduring sleep and facilitate defecation the next day.
  5. GABA (brain’s natural calming agent) found in Chlorella is able to assist with a good night sleep, giving you a good night’s rest after a hard day of work.
  6. After exposing to one day of toxins or pollutants from the environments, chlorella in the evening helps you detoxify!

To cope with sleeping disorder or many other health problems, the fundamental step is to take enough nutrients for a healthy body. Spirulina in the morning prepares you well-balanced nutrients and better energy for a better mood. Chlorella in the evening provides rich dietary fiber to promote the bowel movement while enjoying a good night sleep.


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